You asked for it (many times)! You got it! Full Scepter concert, recorded LIVE from Six Springs Tavern last month… now live featuring our classics, hits like “Joyland” and our brand new tune “Hackers Beware”! Thanks for your undying support Scepter fans!

Videos are fantastic but did you know in addition to rockin’ with Scepter videos, there are many nights Scepter streams on Facebook Live? You can find us on and at our live practices almost any Thursday night around 8pm CT. Friend Jeff Scepter at for a special watch there too! Below are Scepter’s official videos to watch in between our shows.

For Booking Consideration here’s our latest August 2019 Promo Video
Scepter’s Official Video for “Joyland”, based on the Wichita, Kansas theme park of the past.
Scepter’s Official Video for “It’s All Good” which was written in the studio after a break-up Jeff experienced.
Scepter’s Official Video for “Cheap”
Scepter’s Official Video for “August 17” based on a chance meeting from someone in the past for Jeff
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