Here’s some Scepter photos of the present and past, including a Scepter photo from way back in the 80’s with the early chain style font designed by Jeff! These photos are a real blast from our past. We love what we do! Look carefully at the latest photo directly below and then at the photo from 2019. We tried our very best to duplicate the scene and the pose just because we’re a bunch of nerdy dudes who absolutely love what we do!

Scepter 2023 photo with Jeff, Gio and Joe
Scepter 2022 Promo Featuring Jeff Kirby on Bass & Vocals, Gio Palombo on Drums and Joe Kirby on Guitar & Backing Vocals
Scepter Jeff Gio and Joe
Scepter logo
Sporting our new official Registered Trademark! Super awesome! Thanks to Gene Simmons for recommending always registering your name!

More photos can be found below and on our facebook site at