Great news! Scepter® is now officially trademarked! Scepter® is now OFFICIALLY and legally Trademarked! Any other bands trying to use our name… can’t. We celebrating this huge achievement for us.

Scepter® has completed a live promo video. Flat out fan recorded raw footage. Check it out over on the video page. Scepter 2019 Promo!

Scepter® will make a rare, non-performance public appearance Thursday, June 27th, 2019 at The Angelika Theater in Dallas, Texas for the World Premiere of Abel Berry and Jennifer Stone’s new movie “Midnight Devils” which stars horror icon Michael Berryman. Abel is the producer and director for Scepter® videos including “It’s All Good”, “Cheap”, and the most recent “Joyland” video. Look for red carpet photos soon!

Mini Lab Digital Sound

Scepter® has been doing some serious experimenting and working in the studio on some really cool new directions incorporating the latest, wild new digital technologies.

We’ll be getting ready for our big show at O’Riley’s in July and coming at you with some new material for this summer. Be on the lookout for new songs, videos and more crazy times with the one and only Scepter®!