Scepter News- 7/28/2023
Here’s a little teaser of something we’re working on called “Hackers Beware”

Scepter News- 5/25/2023
Scepter is beginning working on new songs in the studio to be released around September timeframe. Get ready for the first new material featuring Gio Palombo on drums, Joe Kirby on guitar, and Jeff Kirby on bass and lead vocals!

Scepter News- 7/4/2022- PRESS RELEASE
Scepter® would like to welcome Gio Palombo as our new drummer! See new updated Bio in the website Bio section. With a musical style of rock and alternative, drawn in by the crack of Steward Copeland’s and Alex Van Halen’s snare drum, Gio began drumming at a young age playing and recording with various local bands in Tempe, Arizona. During the 90’s college music scene he was playing alongside with the likes of the Gin Blossoms, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, and Jimmy Eat World. Most recently he’s played and recorded with Johnny Crimes in Salt Lake City, Utah and currently new to the Dallas area to continue the journey with Scepter®. His influences include The Police, Cheap Trick, Van Halen and the Foo Fighters.

5/23/2022- PRESS RELEASE
It is with great disappointment we announce after 6 years with us, Damon has stepped away from his role as our drummer. We will begin searching for someone so the Scepter show goes on to deliver not only a huge catalog of Scepter fan favorites but also new material as well.  Rest assured, Damon will always be a part of our family of choice and we wish him the best. 

SURPRISE! We in Scepter® will be releasing a special song on Halloween just for you! It will be on YouTube and Soundcloud!

Scepter Halloween 2020

Get on YouTube, click this link and SUBSCRIBE to the new Scepter Soundstage® as this is where we’ll be doing our new and improved Live Virtual Concerts and rock related special events!

Scepter Soundstage

March 21, 2020- Some of you have asked what Scepter is doing/going to do. Right now the band is self-quarantining for a couple of weeks as Jeff was in San Fran at a conference with known Covid-19 infections, and Damon got back from being around many vacationers last week. We’re working on a spectacular UPGRADE to our live streaming shows! The market has changed greatly, even before the virus. Shows that used to pay $1200 for a couple of sets now pay $50. While we certainly will be back out at a venue near you, we’re taking this time to develop and tweak FREE and PPV live virtual concerts that we hope will be donation sponsored. Keep checking our site and page for more information. Stay well and see you soon!!!

Scepter News! Scepter® is now officially trademarked! Scepter® is now OFFICIALLY and legally Trademarked! Any other bands trying to use our name… can’t. We celebrating this huge achievement for us… since 1987!

Scepter Official Trademark Letter

Scepter® has completed a live promo video. Flat out fan recorded raw footage. Check it out over on the video page. Scepter 2019 Promo!

Midnight Devils Movie

Scepter News- Scepter® will make a rare, non-performance public appearance Thursday, June 27th, 2019 at The Angelika Theater in Dallas, Texas for the World Premiere of Abel Berry and Jennifer Stone’s new movie “Midnight Devils” which stars horror icon Michael Berryman. Abel is the producer and director for Scepter® videos including “It’s All Good”, “Cheap”, and the most recent “Joyland” video. Look for red carpet photos soon!

Mini Lab Digital Sound

Scepter News- Scepter® has been doing some serious experimenting and working in the studio on some really cool new directions incorporating the latest, wild new digital technologies.

We’ll be getting ready for our big show at O’Riley’s in July and coming at you with some new material for this summer. Be on the lookout for new songs, videos and more crazy times with the one and only Scepter®!