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Scepter has officially released their new video and digital download song "Joyland" Our new song/video is officially released. Out soon on worldwide digital download sites (iTunes, Amazon, etdc) Spread the word! The hard rock song is based on the now abandoned Wichita, KS amusement park under the same name and is also the first video featuring Scepter's new drummer Damon Blythe, once again making the 3 piece band entirely of Wichita, Kansas natives where the park once stood.

Scepter features Jeff Kirby on vocals and bass guitar, his brother Joe Kirby on guitar, and Damon Blythe on drums. Joyland releases independently, worldwide on virtually every digital download media (iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, etc) on August 17, 2017. Joyland was produced and engineered at January Sound in Dallas by Tye Robison (formerly of The Nixons) and mastered by Scepter's own Jeff Kirby. Scepter's Joyland video was produced and edited by Abel Berry, director of the action/comedy/fantasy cult movie "Blood Sombrero".

Watch the new Joyland video on YouTube here!

Scepter ScepterDallas Scepter Joyland



Since inception in 1987, when brothers Jeff and Joe Kirby first launched Scepter in Wichita, Kansas, the band has remained strong through ups and downs of life, band and personal.
With the recent voluntary departure of Chris “Mank” Menard, Scepter’s drummer of 12 years, the band has been interviewing and auditioning the best DFW has to offer in drummers.  It is with great pleasure that Scepter announces their new drummer, Damon “Nomad” Blythe.
As with Jeff and Joe, Damon is also from the great state of Kansas, making Scepter once again 100% Kansas boys, something the band hasn’t been able to say since 1999.  Nomad brings style, professionalism, and fun back into Scepter as well as awesome performance with the same “Kansas born” mentality and influences that Jeff and Joe have.
Please join Scepter in welcome Nomad into the future of Scepter!
Throughout the band’s history, Scepter has released several independent albums including Depletion of Time (1990), Three (1992), Humerus (1994), Eat to the Feet (1998), Scepterated At Birth (2001), It’s The Gettin’ Up That Gets Ya (2002), Seven By Three (2007), Point of Impact (2008) and the latest release, Now and Again, that illustrates the bands years of influences, roadworthy experience, and  sound geared for today’s diverse audience who love a mix of hard rock, mainstream, alternative and punk… the SSS “Scepter Secret Sauce”.     
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“It’s All Good”


Scepter New Drummer Damon Blythe Press Release


May 2016- Scepter's new single 'Cheap' is out now!

Scepter - Cheap

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It's All Good Single

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It's All Good Video

Scepter It's All Good

Scepter Now and Again CD

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