Scepter Full Blown Tribute Show
Scepter will be pulling out tributes to their favorite 80’s hard rock bands! Also that night are Grohl (Foo Fighters Tribute) and Big Angus (ACDC Tribute)! Get there at 8pm.. $10 Cover and tell door person you’re there for Scepter)

Scepter® will Be live at ORileys, 8989 Forest Lane, Dallas Texas on Friday September 13th at 9:45pm! It will be a night of some really cool bands including a VH tribute. $10 at the door which we get paid providing you tell they you’re there to see Scepter®! Please do.

Scepter® Live at O’Riley’s 8989 Forest Lane, Dallas, TX 75243
Show starts at 8:00pm. Come support all the bands and tell them at the door you’re there to see Scepter® so we get paid! No mention of “Scepter” no money in our pockets.