Saturday, November 5th, 2022, Scepter at The Rail Club- 3101 Joyce Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76116. Doors at 6p. Show at 7pm. Get your tickets here!

Saturday, December 17th, 2022 Scepter V-Show! Join us live ONLINE!

Saturday, January 28th, 2023, Scepter at O’Rileys 8989 Forest Lane, Dallas TX. Come see us! Bands go on at 9. Our show is at 10:15pm!

We are finally back after COVID! Scepter Live! Friday, September 30, 2022. O’Rileys 8989 Forest Lane, Dallas TX. Come see us! Bands go on at 9. Our show is at 10:15p!

Get on YouTube, click this link and SUBSCRIBE to the new Scepter Soundstage® as this is where we’ll be doing our new and improved Live Virtual Concerts and rock related special events!

March 21, 2020- Some of you have asked what Scepter is doing/going to do. Right now the band is self-quarantining for a couple of weeks as Jeff was in San Fran at a conference with known Covid-19 infections, and Damon got back from being around many vacationers last week. We’re working on a spectacular UPGRADE to our live streaming shows! The market has changed greatly, even before the virus. Shows that used to pay $1200 for a couple of sets now pay $50. While we certainly will be back out at a venue near you, we’re taking this time to develop and tweak FREE and PPV live virtual concerts that we hope will be donation sponsored. Keep checking our site and page for more information. Stay well and see you soon!!!

Scepter Collage
Scepter Full Blown Tribute Show
Scepter will be pulling out tributes to their favorite 80’s hard rock bands! Also that night are Grohl (Foo Fighters Tribute) and Big Angus (ACDC Tribute)! Get there at 8pm.. $10 Cover and tell door person you’re there for Scepter)

Scepter® will Be live at ORileys, 8989 Forest Lane, Dallas Texas on Friday September 13th at 9:45pm! It will be a night of some really cool bands including a VH tribute. $10 at the door which we get paid providing you tell they you’re there to see Scepter®! Please do.

Scepter® Live at O’Riley’s 8989 Forest Lane, Dallas, TX 75243
Show starts at 8:00pm. Come support all the bands and tell them at the door you’re there to see Scepter® so we get paid! No mention of “Scepter” no money in our pockets.